Primo Driving School is very proud of our team of driving instructors which includes teachers, coaches, and educational administrators in local communities.  All of our driving instructors are trained to meet the educational needs of all types of student learners.

Our instructors are all fully licensed by the state of NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC) as commercial driving instructors, and they have all been personally trained by Lou Marzullo, the owner of Primo Driving School.  Further, every one of our driving instructors is insured and bonded as required by the State of New Jersey as well as being Drive Safer Certified™.

Our senior driving instructors are Lou Marzullo and Eric McElroy, both of whom possess years of experience and knowledge in new teen driver training. Lou has been a physical education and drivers ed teacher at Waldwick High School in Bergen County for over 10 years, having previously coached football and track. Eric also teaches drivers ed at Verona High School in Essex County, and is the head basketball coach there. Their experiences teaching, coaching, and behind the wheel training make them highly qualified and experienced in teaching new teen drivers of all levels and needs.

Primo Driving School Team

Meet The Team


Senior Instructor | Owner

Lou has been a driver education teacher both in the classroom and behind the wheel for over 17 years. Lou has been teaching health and physical education at Waldwick High School since 2001. A father of 2 boys, Lou loves coaching and mentoring. Lou started Primo Driving School in 2004, when he realized that his hometown of Cedar Grove was under-serviced by quality driving instruction, and wanted to make a difference close to home. When Lou is not teaching in the classroom or behind the wheel, you might bump into him in the gym, on the basketball court, or even slaving over a hot stove, preparing one of his favorite Italian dishes.

Lou has been blessed by the gift of teaching and sharing great experiences teaching teenage drivers. Lou has even been awarded the coveted “World’s Best Driving Instructor” coffee mug from one of his students!


Senior Instructor

Eric is one of Primo Driving School’s Senior Instructors and he has been a driving instructor for over 10 years. Eric, also known as “MAC”, is a health, physical education and driver education teacher at Verona High School. He is also the proud head Basketball and Golf Coach for the Verona High School Hillbillies. Eric is the proud father of two sons, Shawn and Michael, and he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family in Martha’s Vineyard. Eric became a driving instructor because he loves being on the open road and teaching, coaching and working with kids – almost as much as he loves pizza, ice cream and potatoes!

Eric’s most memorable moment as a driving instructor was having a parent of one of his former student athletes bringing a cake over to his house to celebrate their son getting his license!


Driving Instructor

Jessica is one of Primo Driving School’s certified driving instructors. Jess works at an elementary school and coaches high school girls soccer and boys and girls track. An animal lover, she has four dogs and five cats that have a lot of energy! She loves cheese burgers, Reese’s Pieces and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. When she’s not teaching new drivers, she may be running a 5k, painting or walking her army of dogs! Jess became a behind the wheel driving instructor because she loves coaching, teaching and meeting new people, and her relaxed, easy going personality helps new drivers remain calm and stay focused.

Jess loves when parents want to take a picture of their son or daughter in the car – although the students complain, Jess always has something funny to share to get her student to smile for the pic!


Driving Instructor

Ali, aka “Terz” or “T”, is Primo Driving School’s newest instructor.  Ali is a Spanish teacher and the head cheerleading coach at Waldwick High School.  Ali loves teaching coaching and driving, so following in her mother’s footsteps, she decided to become a driving instructor to carry on the family tradition.  Ali’s hobbies include painting, shopping, playing with her two dogs, Toby and Buca.  If she helps you pass your NJ road test, she loves Italian food and Sushi!

Ali’s most memorable moment as a driving instructor thus far, was going for her Instructor’s license – she was more nervous then when she went for her actual license!


Driving Instructor

Joe is one of Primo Driving School’s certified driving instructors. Joe has been a behind the wheel driving instructor for over 9 years. Joe enjoys working with teen drivers, ensuring that they have the skills to be safe behind the wheel. When he’s not working for Primo, you can find Joe listening to music, on the beach or perhaps even boxing!  In fact, you might even catch Joe playing or watching his favorite sport, football!

Joe’s most memorable moment as a driving instructor was when he brought a student home from her first lesson, and her mom gave him a big hug and thanked him for bringing her baby home safely!


Driving Instructor

Steve recently joined Primo Driving School as a certified instructor. Steve became a driving instructor because he knows how difficult it can be in the beginning, and he has the skills and knowledge to share that helps new drivers learn to drive safely.  Steve is a car guy at heart, and works at Mercedes when he is not behind the wheel. He also loves working with teens, and he is a girls high school soccer coach too! Steve’s favorite foods include pasta and stuffed pizza, when he’s not munching on Cheez-it snack mix!

If you like techno music and dogs, Steve is the instructor for you! Be sure to ask Steve about Bella, his Golden Doodle!


Driving Instructor

Jeff is one of Primo Driving School’s certified driving instructors. Why I became an instructor? It’s more why do I still instruct!

Jeff was first certified as a driving instructor over 35 years ago with Taggart’s Driving School, one of the original “true” dual control (steering, gas and brake) driving schools in NJ. He always tell my students it took him 5 years to learn how to drive a car; however, he actually got his drivers license after driving for only one day!  Jeff found out that he really didn’t know how to drive until he took the instructor training course with Taggart!


Driving Instructor

Ray, aka “Ray”, is one of Primo Driving School’s certified driving instructors, and has been a behind the wheel driving instructor for over 4 years. A father of three and a grandfather of 7, Ray thoroughly enjoys teaching teens and helping people overcome new challenges. Ray loves boating and classic cars, and even takes some time out to give private piano lessons in his spare time.

Ray’s most memorable moment as a driving instructor was meeting a parent of a former student at a local sporting event and hearing how well their child was driving!

Jimmy H.

Driving Instructor

Jimmy is one of Primo Driving School’s Certified Instructors. Jimmy has been teaching driver education for 2 years now, and he’s a retired police officer and a current EMT worker.

Jimmy is a huge Mets and Giants fan, and baseball is his favorite sport. He loves Classic Rock music and spending time with his 2 sons.

Jimmy became a driving instructor because he loves working with kids and sharing his knowledge as a public safety advocate to encourage and teach teens to drive safely and responsibly.


Driving Instructor

Jim is one of Primo Driving School’s certified driving instructors. Jim is an English teacher at Waldwick High School, where he has also coached basketball, lacrosse, ice hockey and volleyball. While he loves sports, Jim also enjoys camping in Vermont, playing poker and trail running.

A proud father of two teenagers (and a dog – Josie Whales), Jim’s highlight as a driving instructor was teaching his own son to drive as his first student!

Paul A.

Driving Instructor

Paul aka “Zo” is one of Primo Driving School’s Certified Driving Instructors. Paul has been teaching behind the wheel for 40 years. Paul is a retired Physical Ed teacher from Bergen Tech, and enjoys surfing, wine making French food and bird watching, when he’s not participating in his favorite sport: karate.

Paul has 2 daughters and his dog Bruno.

Paul’s most rewarding experience was teaching a young student, Ryan, to drive, who then went on to become his protege at Bergen Tech and a driving instructor.

Anthony V

Driving Instructor

Anthony V. is one of Primo Driving School’s Certified Instructors. Anthony teaches Physical Education in the West Orange School District where he also coaches sports – his favorite: football.

Anthony is a bit of a health nut who always looks for healthy, natural non-processed foods. He has a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son, as well as some baby chicks for his daughter!

Anthony joined his good friend Lou Marzullo at Primo Driving School to help teens become safe, responsible drivers. His most surprising moment was when a mom gave him a month yoga membership to her yoga studio for providing outstanding driver training to her son!

Anthony C.

Driving Instructor

Anthony C. aka “CAGG” is one of Primo Driving School’s Certified Driving Instructors. Anthony is new to our team and has been teaching behind the wheel for the past year. When he’s not behind the wheel teaching teens to be safe drivers, he is a Property Tax Investigator for the NJ Department of Treasury!

Anthony is a fitness, artwork and wine making enthusiast who loves lasagna, brick over pizza burgers and any kind of meat in general. You can find Anthony listening to classic rock, alternative and house music.

Anthony became a behind the wheel driving instructor because he wanted to help make the roads safer and help teens become conscientious disciplined drivers. His most memorable moment has been working with a student that was having a difficult time in school due to a learning disability and social anxiety – who was very nervous behind the wheel. Not only did Anthony have her driving safely with comfort and confidence at the end of the 6 hours, but he found this to be one of the most rewarding experiences of his career!


Driving Instructor

Nancy is one of Primo Driving School’s Certified Instructors. Nancy has been teaching driver education for 24 years at Columbia High School in the South Orange / Maplewood school district and been teaching behind the wheel for nearly 20 years.

Nancy has a 25 year old daughter, Kaitlyn, who is a nurse at Morristown Hospital in the cardio department. Nancy also has a two dogs: Ginje, a 12 year old Black Lab and Abbey a 5 year old Black Lab / Russel Terrier – who arrived on the day of the royal wedding – so she’s named after Westminster Abbey!

When she’s not teaching, Nancy is a field hockey official and has been officiating for 35 years, as well as running several clinics in field hockey, softball and volleyball for the Pompton Lakes Recreation Department. Nancy still plays softball in the summer and enjoys listening to Country Music, working out and taking long walks with her dogs.

Nancy loves teaching behind the wheel because she feels that it’s important for students to learn the skills right from the start to become a safe driver.

Rob R.

Driving Instructor

Rob is one of Primo Driving School’s certified driving instructors and road test specialists. Rob is a retired middle school teacher in Union City School. He spent over 20 years officiating basketball, volleyball, and softball in Hudson County. Rob is a true New York sports fan by rooting for the Yankees, Giants, Knicks, and Rangers.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys spending time with his family, especially his granddaughter. He also likes to go walking with his two therapy dogs Nikki, an Alaskan Husky and Reilly, a Rottweiler. His choice for dinner would be a good steak and potatoes but don’t overcook it.

Rob has lasting memories of seeing the reaction and smiles of students pass their road test with the most difficult examiners!


Driving Instructor

Brandon, aka “Brand” is one of Primo Driving School Certified Driving Instructors. Brand is new to the Primo team and can’t wait to help teach new drivers to be safe and confident behind the wheel and being their safe driving journey.

Brand is from a tight-knit family, who he loves spending time and laughing with. Coming from a family of teachers (both of his parents were teachers) he has the skills, passion and patience to coach and teach teen drivers.

He is an avid sports fan and enjoys watching any game. Brand enjoys seeing the progress students make and assisting them in their quest to be safe and confident drivers.


Driving Instructor

Ryan is one of Primo Driving School’s Certified Driving Instructors. Ryan is a health, physical education and driver education teacher at Bergen Technical High School, and has been teaching behind the wheel for over 6 years. Ryan is an artist, who enjoys drawing, painting, playing the guitar, working out, running, snowboarding, football, studying history and science and going to concerts! Ryan is currently a football coach for Bergen Tech and has also been a head track coach and girls basketball coach.

A fan of corned beef and steak, Ryan can often be found listening to rock music, especially heavy metal. Ryan is a dog and cat man – so ask him about Trapper and Lucy, if you take a lesson with him. Ryan loves teaching students to drive, he loves to see how excited students are when they have passed their road test!


Driving Instructor

Brian, aka “Briz”, has 4 years of instruction experience but newest of Primo Driving School’s team. Brian is a math teacher in Union County, who also tutors and has a real estate license. During his free time, Brian enjoys working out at the gym and finding odd jobs around the house to fix.

Brian’s favorite food fare is Italian. If you have a large variety of music like 90’s, rap, rock, and country, Brian is the instructor for you! Be sure to ask him about Rocco, his Havapoo! Brian enjoys seeing students faces when they finally receive their permit and are confident in their driving ability.


Driving Instructor

Vincent aka “Vinnie” is a recent addition to the Primo Driving School team. However, he isn’t new to the field of driver education having taught classroom theory for the last 15 years at Union City High School, where he also serves as a physical education teacher. In addition, he has served as a summer supervisor at Cedar Grove sports camp for 20 years and is also a certified personal trainer.

All though it’s difficult to find free time with three young children ages five, three and ten months old, Vinnie enjoys working out, playing softball, bowling, hiking and spending downtime with his family and friends watching some TV and WWE. He enjoys listening to Italian music when cooking his favorite Italian fare and then likes something more upbeat like rock or dance music when working out in the gym.

Vinnie thought instructing kids to drive was a great opportunity because of his background in education and remains to be excited to teach your child! He enjoys seeing students flourish into safe courteous drivers and gain confidence, especially the nervous ones. Vinnie will always remember the first driver he trained to parallel park because he took them to the road test also and passed with flying colors!

Joe C.

Driving Instructor

Joe C., a teacher at Belleville High School and one of Primo Driving School’s certified driving instructors. Joe has been a behind the wheel driving instructor for over 13 years. Joe enjoys working with teen drivers, ensuring that they have the driveability to be conscious and courteous drivers on the roads.

When he’s not working for Primo, you can find Joe out on his long walks listening to 80’s-90’s rock, watching the Giants, going to a Yankee game or just resting and getting some rays at the beach.

Joe’s most memorable moment as a driving instructor after all these years, of course, was teaching his own son Joseph how to drive!

Robert S.

Driving Instructor

Rob, aka “Sarge”, is one of Primo Driving School’s Certified Instructors. He has been teaching driver education for a year now, as he’s moved on from a long 23-year career in the home improvement/painting business.

Sarge loves anything to do with cars, he served 18 years in the automotive technician industry prior to his contracting business. During his free time, Sarge enjoys fishing, hiking, and camping with his wife.

Another one of our road test specialists, he enjoys seeing a big smile on the students faces when after he helped them pass the road test.

Dave A.

Driving Instructor

Dave is one of Primo Driving School’s Certified Instructors. Dave has been teaching driver education for over a year now, when he’s not keeping the streets safe as a police officer.

Dave is a “gearhead” so he loves anything to do with cars and motorcycles. He’s an avid motorcycle rider and go kart racer. His favorite sport is MotoGP motorcycle racing.

While Dave enjoys all types of foods, his favorite is Italian, and he love’s classic rock. He became a driving instructor because he finds it rewarding to teach a new student to drive that has never been behind the wheel before. Most new drivers are nervous and lack confidence in their ability, but as the lessons progress and then gain confidence in their driving ability, they start to really enjoy it and that gives Dave a sense of pride to know that he was able to teach them invaluable life skills.

Dave’s most memorable moment was when he had a student that was so nervous on her first lesson that she basically gave up before we even started. She told me “I don’t think I can do this,” and was super apprehensive about getting behind the wheel. It took some time, but Dave worked with her and she slowly began to gain confidence in her abilities and soon she was driving with minimal input. Seeing her progress from somebody who wanted to give up before she even started to somebody who was excited when I picked her up for her lessons was the most rewarding experience!

Drive Safer Certified™

Primo Driving School is proud to say that it is a Drive Safer Certified™ Driving School.

When choosing a driving school for your family, it is critical to select the correct school.  Not all schools are the same and may not invest in the ongoing training and development of their staff, providing a thorough curriculum and having properly maintained equipment.

The Drive Safer Certified™ Driving School program is a game changer for Driving Schools and for students.  Participating driving schools are sending a clear message – “We are worth every cent you are going to pay to teach your family member to drive safer!”

In order to become “certified” each and every one of the driving school instructors must take the Drive Safer course. These hand-selected driving schools invest in a significant amount of additional training for their instructors in defensive driving and advanced car control techniques, enhancing and further honing the skills of its driving instructors, and setting them apart from others.

Every Drive Safer Certified™ School receives a “Drive Safer Certified™” sticker to display in the window of each of their training vehicles.  This sticker identifies the school as a school that cares, has invested time in enhancing the skills of their instructors and is committed to excellent driver education.

For more information about Drive Safer programs, please visit

Drive Safer Certified Logo
Primo Driving School Employment

Employment Opportunities

Do you think you have what it takes to be one of our certified driving instructors? We’d love to hear from you!

Primo Driving School is always looking for expert driving instructors to join our team.  If you possess the following qualities, please get in touch!


  • A patient and positive attitude
  • Dedication to teaching and training
  • English language proficiency
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • A clean driving record
  • A thorough understanding of the NJ Motor Vehicle Laws

If you feel that you meet the above requirements to join the Primo Driving School team of expert driving instructors, please send us an email at [email protected].