The Drive Safer Experience

Car crashes are the # 1 killer of teens nationwide, and the reason is due to inexperience. Six hours of behind the wheel training is just not enough training, it’s just the beginning. There is a whole other level of training, and that’s what we call control.

Besides knowing how to operate your car, you need to know how to control it – you need to know how to stop it, turn it, and tell it what to do. The people that can teach you how to do just that are people that have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours behind the wheel practicing. High performance drivers (aka racecar drivers), know the physics of the car, how to handle it, and how to perform under pressure.

Drive Safer provides teen car control and defensive driving boot camps, that you are only eligible for after you receive your learners permit or drivers license. It’s focused on teens but it’s really good for drivers of all ages, all are welcome!

The program puts you behind the wheel of your own car with one of our instructors to help you gain the experience you need to be the best driver you can be. It’s the NEXT LEVEL of driver training.

With Drive Safer you can expect:

  • Expert instruction by certified high-performance driving instructors
  • Training in a safe environment in your own vehicle
  • An active and engaging classroom session, that promises to be informative and unique
  • A hands-on, behind-the-wheel experience that improves teen attitudes about driving and safety, and helps them accept the responsibility of driving
  • Conveniently located events at premium destinations
  • Eligibility for the NJ point reduction program, to remove up to 2 points from your license upon completion of a Drive Safer course.

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About Drive Safer

Drive Safer provides the premier car control and defensive driving courses in the U.S., preparing students to control their vehicles in the face of real-world distractions and dangers that take thousands of lives annually. Drive Safer’s certified high performance driving instructors provide hands-on training ensuring that students know how to handle and avoid hazardous behind the wheel situations. Drive Safer also partners with high schools to provide in-classroom workshops and presentations and has a fundraising program which donates a percentage of registration fees back to partner schools.

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